Rail Plans Come to Light

Or should we be talking about Max?

It is good to see that the state government has released further information about the planned light rail for Perth – MAX.  There has been some press about it from the ABC as well as WA Today to name a few…

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Transport – the Lifeline for a Growing City

For those of you that have been watching the lead up to the WA state budget (and the Federal one as well) there has been some recent discussions about the funding (or lack there of) for future public transport projects for Perth.

I have been keen to follow the plans for Light Rail partially because it is planned to run close to part of my commute into work… past Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

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Tomorrow’s Population Today

Our recent addition to the population of Perth

You may have noticed that I have not contributed as much in the form of posts in the recent months.  Part of that is that we (my wife and I) were preparing for our own increase in population – our addition towards Perth have 3.5 million people in 2050…

While I have been off-line there has been a lot of action around the place and I will attempt to catch up with some of it…

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A New Year – A New Plan?

Welcome to 2012!

A New Year always heralds new opportunities and the need to plan for the year to come.  Following up from some comments on my last post about CCI’s recommendation to the state government to develop a Strategic Vision and Direction for WA I thought it would be good to explore it further since it ties back into a lot of what I have talked about before…  Nothing like a big plan to start talking about for 2012!

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The Future of Perth on the WABN Front Page

For those readers (and subscribers) to the WA Business News the latest issue (hard copy) has some great reading about the future shape of Perth in 2050.  This is a topic that I have talked about before on many instances and it is fantastic to see it start to get more of the airplay that it deserves.  Even more so since the quality of the contributors that make up the three articles – they are:

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An exciting approach to the City (2.0)

Just a short sharp post – but for those of you that are aware of TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) – and those that are not (now is the time to find out here)… their annual award the TED Prize has been awarded for the first time not to an individual, but an idea = The City 2.0.

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Times are Changing or are they?

View from 61 Archdeacon Street 1938 looking east

Back in the day when my grandmother was married (circa 1938) she made the move from the established and respectable Mount Lawley into her marital home in Nedlands.  I recall speaking to her about it and making the move into what was originally a WWI returned soldiers home not on a tram line – effectively at the ends of the earth (or Perth).  The leafy green western suburbs were much less green and leafy back then (see above) – however most of the properties were on the proverbial quarter acre block and had room for a garden and some trees…  I lament that at the same time my grandmother and grandfather bought their house the could have bought about 19 acres of (farm)land in Dalkeith for the same price – but such is life!

Anyway the suburb has become green and leafy now (some 72 years later) – see below:

New View from Archdeacon Street. Source: Google

No the question is where am I going with this?

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Now and When: Australian Urbanism Exhibition

For those in Perth you may be interested in ideas about future development of cities then I’d recommend visiting the Now and When: Australian Urbanism Exhibition the Australian Urban Design Research CentreContinue reading

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Minds of the Future

I recall when I started off on putting this blog together there were three areas that I was focusing on – they were (and are):

  • Strategic Planning for the State (i.e. WA)
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Transformation of the Government

I’ll be focusing on the middle one today…

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Economic Direction and Diversity

It was great to see WA being recognised as the leading state by topping the Commonwealth Bank State of the States report, which also highlights that there are more like 3 speeds to the Australian economy

The main change in the state rankings over the past three months has been the significant out-performance of the Western Australian economy and the separation of other economies into two groups. The ACT leads the second group from Victoria and South Australia. But there is little to separate Tasmania, NSW, Northern Territory and Queensland. The term ‘multi-speed’ is therefore very appropriate when considering economic performance.

It has to be said that there is never really a single speed economy (with the resources sector quite often being the second, faster (or slower) speed); however it is interesting that there is such a gap between WA and the rest of the country… we are certainly keeping the place afloat.

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