about me

I’m a 6th generation Western Australian living in Perth interested in my family, geography, cycling, and the importance of planning a better future for our beautiful state.

This blog is trying to capture and highlight the opportunity we have now in shaping the state for future generations through strategic planning, transformation of our economy, and improvements in the business of government…

I work as an Industry Specialist at Esri Australia here in Perth – and as always this blog is my own opinion etc. etc….

I hope that this is of interest and I welcome your feedback and comments.

For those that are interested you can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile.



3 Responses to about me

  1. Tom Gardner says:

    Possibly time I put in a slightly better photo of myself…

  2. Margaret I says:


    Could you possibly post your email. As a resident of a regional town, I have been following your blog. However, I have a comment/question that I would prefer not to post publically. Alternatively, you can contact me at the email I’ve supplied below. Many thanks.


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