The rise of entrepreneurial government 

Things have changed over here in the west considerably since I fist started this blog some 6 years ago (apart from the fact that I use to post a lot more often!).  Western Australia has seen a significant turn around in the economy, increasing unemployment (and underemployment), reduced credit ratings, and the list goes on… however every cloud has a silver lining – we’ve seen that with these challenges the economy has diversified to a greater degree, there has been a strong focus on innovation, and organisations big and small have had to look at more creative approaches to delivering services and generally keeping afloat.  Top that off with the state election on the 11th of March next year and we can see that we will be in for an interesting political ride over the next 3 – 4 months – much will be positioning about how the government can deliver and do things differently.

A while back I posted about Open Data – it is great to see that we have moved significantly on since then with:

One thing that I also raised at the time was a presentation from ex-Governor of Maryland (USA) – Martin O’Malley.  Some of you may not be aware – however he was one of the 2016 US Presidential candidates running against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party – he was actually out here in Australia back in October and presented at the Sydney Opera House around the concept of Enabling Entrepreneurial Government


If you have the opportunity to view this presentation (above) I recommend it as it looks at an alternative approach to managing government and how to successfully inform and share information with the public on the progress through transparent reporting.  I see this as an exciting approach and one that would bode well in the current state of affairs that we find ourselves in.  It would be interesting to see if anyone up on the hill might take any notice of this approach… we have the technology, the strategies, the policies for much of this to happen – we need the right person to drive it forward.

…one thing that I think about hearing O’Malley talk is how potentially different the outcome of the US election may have been if he was the one up against Trump…

More to come soon (and hopefully more often!).

Cheers Tom






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