Data, Data, Wherefore art thou Data?

I had drafted up this post some 6 months back about Open Data and access to government data as a follow-up to my post almost 5 years ago highlighting the fact that there had been no progress in this space – but last week saw the draft released of The Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy (open for comment until March 6th 2015).


This is a great start to opening up the government data here in WA – it will interesting to see how the policy ends up and how rapidly we start to see the data being made available – as here is a snapshot of where some of the rest of the country is at:

ACT: ACT Open Data NSW: NSW Open Data Vic: VicOpenData QLD: QLDOpenData SA: SAOpenData National: OzOpenData

Also highly encouraging from a national level is the recent creation of the Digital Transformation Office.

Now WA has some catching up to do in this space – here is where we are currently at:


Where I would love to see this head is in the direction of a keynote speech that I listened to recently by Martin O’Malley – the Governor of the US state of Maryland… his keynote is some 26 minutes long – but it is amazingly refreshing to hear an elected leader talk so passionately about using technology to improve the way that they govern and more importantly how significant improvements have been made to the public and community that he serves.  Here it is:

 Governor Martin O’Malley – KeynoteMartin Video

Perhaps we could see a bit more of this here in Australia?  Lets see what the coming months have to offer…


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4 Responses to Data, Data, Wherefore art thou Data?

  1. Rob McFarlane says:

    Hi Tom

    Great post.

    Rob McFarlane

  2. Craig Shelton says:

    Now if only GME had worked…

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