A Tale of Three Cities…

London, New York, Perth?

London New York PerthI cannot recall if I mentioned Urban Observatory when it was released in July – a collaboration between the founder of TED – Richard Saul Wurman, Radical Media, and Esri.  It is a brilliant interface to investigate and compare the makeup and characteristics of multiple cities around the world at one time.  Guess which city is now on there???

Perth on the map

Well I managed to work with some clients here in Perth to bring together some critical datasets to put it on the map (literally).  The first Australian city on Urban Observatory.   It is great to be able to bring up cities from around the world and compare the structure, density, and other characteristics of cities to understand them and what makes them different.  I need to acknowledge some of the data providers:

Just open up the application and select Perth from the Cities menu, then select the information layers that you would like to compare and start investigating…

Where to from here?

The Urban Observatory is planning to expand the number of datasets to give greater context and understanding of our cities – so we will be looking to see what we can add for Perth.  Have a look now – and keep an eye out for any updates…

So what do you think about it?



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