A View from Above – Federal Election 2013

It is always exciting when you see the people that you work with kick a goal (especially a big one) and I think that some of the work that has been done by the team at Esri Australia for the Channel 7 Election Map is a good example of getting what we do out to a much broader audience…

Federal Election MapI have not spent too much of my time on this blog always linking back to what I do on a day to day basis – but it is easy to say that geography and what is happening where is a critical part of what I do… so it is great to be able to showcase something that readily and easily provides just a little insight into the world of Location Intelligence and WebGIS.

What lies beneath…

The map above is quite simple and streamlined on purpose – that is so it provides context to all of the related information for that area such as the following:

Federal Election Data

In almost all cases there is a plethora of data related to a location and we need the best way to navigate through it all..

…But wait there’s more…

Come Saturday the election will be in full swing and we should have an outcome one way or the other – what I can recommend to you all is to check out the coverage of the election coverage by Channel 7 as the site above is just the beginning…

Looking forward to getting some feedback on all of this post election (or sooner).


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One Response to A View from Above – Federal Election 2013

  1. Bill says:

    Most interesting to see practical application.

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