From Vision to Reality… making the First Steps

I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of events, presentations, and forums that have been focusing of future Visions for the state and the country over the past few months.  This has been a great experience in many ways but after some of the sessions I have got to the point of asking the logical question:

What do we have to do to make the Vision a Reality?

In many ways it is exciting seeing, hearing, and being involved in discussions on what the future may hold; however now I would like to understand how we can get there…

Nothing like a simple question – but one that is much harder to answer…  What appears to be the topic of conversation at events / presentations / boardrooms / even social events is who is going to make it happen and how?

This of course takes me back to an old post about we (i.e. us) are the who that needs to do things…

The challenge keeps on bubbling in my mind and there are many questions (or really problems / challenges) that need focus and effort behind to generate some step forward along that path.  Some of the challenges could be:

  • How do we create an export focused services economy on the back of our resources expertise?
  • How do we diversify the WA Economy?
  • How do we incubate and increase Innovation?
  • How do we attract more students back into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) – an interesting project happening in this space…
  • etc…

No simple answer in any case.

I did hear some interesting comments at a luncheon today – especially if we are to have leadership – be that political or from the broader community – but we need to have well articulated visions that we are planning to aspire to that are tangible.  Once this is in place (or articulated) then we can start planning / suggesting / trying the first steps in making that vision a reality.  i.e. rolling up the sleeves and doing the hard work.

To that end all of us need to be prepared to step forward and get involved with making the future happen… as Doc Brown said:

“Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one…”

Yes I am showing my age!

Getting this blog back up and running is my first step –  what is yours?


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