Science takes to the big stage

Leading up to the state election there was the potential that the Science portfolio would be taken over by the Premier.  With the recent announcement of the new WA State Cabinet this was confirmed.  This raises the great interest for a more visible focus over the next 4 years here in WA for Science (and hopefully ICT as part of that) being a focus for building a better and brighter state.

…So what could this mean for kicking along the focus of a true Knowledge based Economy here in WA.  We have some great learning institutions, some highly technical industries (aka the Resources sector), issues with a fast growing population and city, challenges with distance etc., and the need for innovation.  I think these all become part of the fabric that is needed to help foster and develop industries to grow off the back of these challenges (and opportunities)… and now we might have some heavy weight backing.

We have some very bright and passionate representatives of the sciences here in WA – including Professor Lyn Beazley who I had the opportunity to catch up with this week at a CEDA event.  We need to get some of our smartest minds to come back to roost here in Perth to help grow beyond the mining ‘boom’

So over the next few months expect me to be reporting back on where we may be heading in the science space driven by Mr. Barnett…

Lets be blinded by Science…


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