A Bright Future for Perth? Yes Please!

It has been a busy time for all things Perth and planning… this week saw the fruition of 4 years of work for the Committee for Perth in the release of their Towards a Brighter Future – A vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people.

I had the opportunity of being involved in some of the workshops that contributed to this report and it was a great experience to hear the wide range of views and the passion people in Perth have to see it grow into a desirable and livable city and region in the future.

The challenge with the report  is seeing the recommendations being accepted and acted upon by government.  None of them are that simple (or they would have already been accomplished) however here is the list of all 20:

  1. Develop a shared Vision
  2. Reform Local Government and develop a metropolitan governance framework
  3. Encourage participation in public policy development
  4. Facilitate affordable housing options
  5. Foster tolerance and acceptance
  6. Acknowledge and respect Indigenous culture and history
  7. Encourage lifestyle and recreational choices
  8. Reduce crime and emphasise community health and safety
  9. Build a diverse and resilient economic future
  10. Promote a positive and consistent image of Perth
  11. Ensure high quality ‘hard’ infrastructure
  12. Develop an integrated land-use and transport network
  13. Ensure public transport network includes light rail
  14. Maintain a quality outdoor lifestyle and provide good public amenity as density increases
  15. Reduce red tape to facilitate diverse and affordable housing
  16. Implement ‘quicker, lighter, cheaper’ initiatives to activate spaces
  17. Facilitate the increase in the development of human capital
  18. Create knowledge, innovation and creativity hubs
  19. Commit to environmental sustainability
  20. Be a leader in green innovation

There is greater detail on each of these issues – I encourage you all to read the report and start the conversation on positioning the recommendations to those that can contribute.  The timing of the report is very good – being 6 months out from the election – and I believe we’ll see The West Australian cover the issues over the coming weeks…

I wonder if any of these may make it into any election platforms?


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