Rail Plans Come to Light

Or should we be talking about Max?

It is good to see that the state government has released further information about the planned light rail for Perth – MAX.  There has been some press about it from the ABC as well as WA Today to name a few…

There is information about the planned route

A quick bit of searching on the web brought up another Max (not the mad one…) – in Portland – Oregon in the USA.  There has been quite a bit of knowledge exchange between Portland and Perth – not just about light rail – but also in relation to city development and planning.  And light rail is an important part of enabling the change and development of the inner part of our city for the future.

I think I’ll have to have a bit of a play with some modelling of the network such as I have done before

I think that this step is good – but it is a long way off before any works are planned to commence (2016) I can foresee some transportation pain before there is any gain from Max…  The sooner we see it the better.


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6 Responses to Rail Plans Come to Light

  1. Bob Clark says:

    Looks like the airport link has been left out ?

  2. Tom Gardner says:

    Bob – not sure if you saw this – but the airport link plan was released yesterday I believe: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/14838101/airport-rail-plan-extends-to-hills/


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