Tomorrow’s Population Today

Our recent addition to the population of Perth

You may have noticed that I have not contributed as much in the form of posts in the recent months.  Part of that is that we (my wife and I) were preparing for our own increase in population – our addition towards Perth have 3.5 million people in 2050…

While I have been off-line there has been a lot of action around the place and I will attempt to catch up with some of it…

WA Tomorrow Forecasts

I noted (and so did the media) that the latest Department of Planning WA Tomorrow population forecasts were released.  No surprise that the forecasts have gone up since the last round in 2006… but 400,000 extra people by 2026 is a big jump.  I think that we may have to start looking at alternative ways for Perth (and the state) to grow – hopefully with less pain…

Growing Regional Centres

It is no surprise that there has been a focus on trying to ‘vent’ some of the population growth away from Perth to other parts of WA – we have seen the Super Towns proposed, and the development of Pilbara Cities.  Both of these initiatives have been commenced to make the most of our growth and to try to share the population, growth, and hopefully wealth etc. across the state.  It is interesting to see the comments about how this may not work… everyone can come up with reasons why it would not work – however we need to give it a good go and I think that all things being equal we have seen some decent attempts to do so by the current government.

…and so much more

Yes there has been a lot else going on (anyone want to mention the foreshore?) but I’ll leave some of those to future posts.

It is good to be back online – hopefully what I can share with you over the coming year will be well worth it.



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