A New Year – A New Plan?

Welcome to 2012!

A New Year always heralds new opportunities and the need to plan for the year to come.  Following up from some comments on my last post about CCI’s recommendation to the state government to develop a Strategic Vision and Direction for WA I thought it would be good to explore it further since it ties back into a lot of what I have talked about before…  Nothing like a big plan to start talking about for 2012!

I’ve had the chance to talk to a number of senior CCI staff over 2011, partially though my involvement with their Services Forum, and it is great to see them seeking a longer term planning and direction from our current political leaders.

I encourage you to have a look at their 2012-13 Pre Budget Submission – especially in relation to the Strategic Vision and Direction:

“The WA economy is set to be transformed in the years ahead as a consequence of major investment, development and economic growth.

While this will be achieved through private investment and entrepreneurship, the Government will need to set out a plan that will build the productive capacity of the economy, and promote innovation, growth and entrepreneurialism, while at the same time delivering real and lasting benefits to the community.”

Most encouraging is that is is seeking a multi-dimensional approach to a state plan – i.e. not just a purely economic one.  A while back I wrote a post about South Australia’s SA Plan – possibly this is the approach that WA could take…

Waiting for a Response

The interesting thing is that is is still some 14 odd months to the next state election we should be seeing some political focus being turned towards the election.  This provides a great opportunity for some leadership that is wanting to show their long term (beyond the election cycle) vision for the state.

What amounts from this will (hopefully) be interesting to see.

…Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

I’m not sure if we’ll see true action on the vision for the state, but with a New Year upon myself I’m focusing on a new vision for the future that I can create for myself, my family, and my company.  More on that later.


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