The Future of Perth on the WABN Front Page

For those readers (and subscribers) to the WA Business News the latest issue (hard copy) has some great reading about the future shape of Perth in 2050.  This is a topic that I have talked about before on many instances and it is fantastic to see it start to get more of the airplay that it deserves.  Even more so since the quality of the contributors that make up the three articles – they are:

It is a this point I hear you all ask the question “when did Alannah become Mayor?” – well maybe – “What are you doing there Tom?!?”.  Yes well some of the work that I have been involved with – specifically the CEDA Inventing the Future Web Mapping Application that I posted about here.

My Thoughts / Comments…

I believe the best way to approach the issues surrounds the planning and development of Perth is a multi-disciplinary one – no one department of agency can be responsible for setting the plan (or at least many agencies need to work together to develop a practical plan).  Within the article I was quoted as saying:

“The challenge I think we need to see for our state is to get greater collaboration between agencies. It is a multi-agency, multifaceted problem,”

There is a lot more to that one comment – that I have already explored on this blog (and elsewhere)…

What I have been greatly happy to see aligned with this is the very recent announcement from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in WA of the need for a Strategic Direction for WA:

“Develop a strategic direction for WA, which brings together plans for the State’s energy, water, workforce needs, economic and social infrastructure, as well as protecting the State’s finances.  Such a plan should be tied to a long term vision for the State, and remain flexible to changing priorities and economic conditions.”

We’re not talking about a hard and final plan at this stage – but a vision and some direction as to how to get there.  Lets see how the government reacts to this… hopefully in a positive way.


I’ve managed to source a digital copy of the articles – see here: WBN_Business_News_Article (12MB).


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3 Responses to The Future of Perth on the WABN Front Page

  1. Bill Gardner says:

    The physical side of establishing the ‘Shape of Perth in 2050’ is well catered for: however, as people and the environment are integral parts of the future, they should be represented and included in the picture shouldn’t they?


  2. Tom Gardner says:

    Greta comment and well pointed out. Physical planning is only one aspect to ensuring the best social, health, and environmental outcomes for the population. That said – laying the foundations to a suitable physical infrastrucutre is important to ensure the appropriate distribution of services, jobs, and resources so that the whole city. It is similar to ensuring that there is ‘Human Development’ rather than just economic development for the city / state – soical infrastructure and services are an essential part of the picture that needs to be considered and included…

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