Times are Changing or are they?

View from 61 Archdeacon Street 1938 looking east

Back in the day when my grandmother was married (circa 1938) she made the move from the established and respectable Mount Lawley into her marital home in Nedlands.  I recall speaking to her about it and making the move into what was originally a WWI returned soldiers home not on a tram line – effectively at the ends of the earth (or Perth).  The leafy green western suburbs were much less green and leafy back then (see above) – however most of the properties were on the proverbial quarter acre block and had room for a garden and some trees…  I lament that at the same time my grandmother and grandfather bought their house the could have bought about 19 acres of (farm)land in Dalkeith for the same price – but such is life!

Anyway the suburb has become green and leafy now (some 72 years later) – see below:

New View from Archdeacon Street. Source: Google

No the question is where am I going with this?

I’ve posted one or two articles related to density and development of Perth in the past:

And it was very interesting to read about a recent report released by Bankwest pointing out the lack of increase in medium density housing in WA and Perth.

Source: Bankwest

The press has picked this up and started to talk about the continued appetite for the quarter acre block – however I’d have to say that the majority of the new developments have smaller blocks (with no real room for anything leafy and green)…

Source: Perth Now

I wonder what we have to do to influence change in future development of Perth?  Urban Growth Boundary anyone?  Maybe not – however we seem to be so ‘good’ at rolling out new suburbs and that is what the public is accustom to…  so the challenge is to present where we have delivered good medium density projects here in Perth to show how it can be done well without getting the standard ‘density’ reaction.

Don’t forget we have about 40 years to build another Perth (i.e. another 1.7 million people to house) – we will have to look at alternative approaches to urban development and make it attractive…

Anyone have any good ideas?


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