Minds of the Future

I recall when I started off on putting this blog together there were three areas that I was focusing on – they were (and are):

  • Strategic Planning for the State (i.e. WA)
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Transformation of the Government

I’ll be focusing on the middle one today…

Unless you have been living under a rock you’d understand that WA’s Economy is dominated by the Resources sector.  If you peel back the standard picture of huge tankers and ore carriers shipping the natural resources over the seas, you’ll find some amazing technology and highly skilled workers ‘keeping the lights on’ – and therefore generating the Royalties that keep this state (and the country) solvent…

Source: SMH

Technology is our Future?

Last Tuesday there was an announcement from Rio Tinto greatly increasing their fleet of autonomous vehicles from 10 to 150.  This is a significant investment in technology in their Mine of the Future program (BTW – James – congratulations on the new role!) – there maybe less need for traditional drivers for these new trucks; however there will many jobs created that will require the role of knowledge workers.  Another case for showing the importance of ICT on generating and maintaining the wealth here in WA.

Pipeline for our Royalties Revenue?

I think that this type of investment is another great signpost of the importance of ICT and Knowledge Workers as being vital to the long term success and growth in this state.  Now we can make a greater link between Resources and ICT possibly we can get some acknowledgement from our current political masters.

The next step is to leverage off this greater technology investment and need within our primary sector to develop associated industries (including increased ICT in education) to create a greater services / knowledge economy.

What are your thoughts about making this happen?


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