A Change is a Good as a Holiday…

I’m over in Melbourne this week at our national conference OZRI… I spent a lot of time working over here in the logistics field in the later 1990’s / early 2000’s and a lot has changed.  I had a great dinner with an old friend in a high-rise apartment in downtown Melbourne that did not exist when I was back here some 10 plus years ago… this city has changed.

I spent about 2 years overseas in the late 1990’s with my (now) wife – much of it was in Europe and coming back to Australia Melbourne has always reminded me most of a European city of all the cities in OZ – even if it is younger than Perth – the earlier gold rush helped advance and develop the city to a vibrant and attractive city.  Much has changed in 10 or so years – but it is still a very active and vibrant city.

Vision of Perth in 2050?

Melbourne in 2011 is about the population that we expect Perth to be in 2050 (or maybe a bit larger – just over 4 million)…

Possibly this is the future shape fo Perth.  Standing up on the 46th floor of my friend’s apartment I could see Melbourne stretching out across the horizon in all directions… a big city with some growing pains (not as much as say Sydney!).

I’ll try and post some observations of my time down here in Melbourne later in the week – but hopefully it will provide some perspective to the issues and problems that the east coast is facing.

More soon.



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