Australia’s Future with a Grain of Salt

It was very interesting reading an article today by demographer Bernard Salt pointing out to the nation the important role and value that WA has on the nation’s economic prosperity…  I just hope that someone over east is listening / reading.

I’m heading over east next week and it will be interesting to see the perspective that many have to WA (if any at all).  I say this based on some of the comments from Bernard:

“What’s required is an understanding that what’s happening in the West is a national priority. This is clearly where future prosperity is going to be coming from in Australia and we need to deliver labour, skills, infrastructure services and national building.

“That requires a level of effort and commitment that surely goes beyond the capacity of 2.5 million people. The riches of the North-West are spread across the entire country; therefore the responsibility of building the riches should be shared or spread across the continent.”

The trouble I have with this is the fact that I found the article on a WA website (although it is also on the SMH).  The challenge is to get the east coast to sit up and take some notice… as Bernard stated:

“It’s almost like the centre of business activity has shifted from the East Coast to the West Coast.”

…but who is listening.

More than Mining…

…and if they are listening do they only see WA as a mining hub?  This comes back to part of the reason that I started this blog in the first place.  We need to try and make more of this current ‘boom’ than just increased royalties… we need to invest in the future of the state and diversify the economy.  I have a plan… it just might take a little while to get there.


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