Perth by 2050

Last week I attended and presented at the International Symposium on Digital Earth here in Perth – once again around the topic of planning, development and GeoDesign.  It is interesting trying to present and communicate the changes that are expected in Perth over the next 40 years… we’ve got to build another one (Perth that is)!

I’ve talked about density before and in the past fortnight I have had the chance to hear from both sides of the argument – and there are cases for both of them to a degree.

What I don’t see is Perth transforming into a super-dense city in the next four decade; however we need to make a positive step in that direction.  Too much density – or poorly planned density can provide negative effects – as highlighted recently in this higher density housing article I found in the West Australian.

The most important things that come out of the article (apart from the headline that many would read as validation for no higher density!) was the point that if density was focused in “poorly designed areas” then there could be consequences… it is also interesting to understand that high density living appears to be more successful in the higher socio-economic areas – however this is where the greatest reluctance for any increases to density appears to occur… interesting!

Anyway I put my presentation up on Slideshare if any of you are at all interested:

My question to you all is what do you see the future of Perth by 2050???


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