Mobility, Transport, and Planning for Perth

I was reading an interesting article last week about the times that commuting into cities takes for people driving in each state of Australia with some interesting lengths of time (and slow average speeds) to travel into the CBD for many cities…

This comes on the back of the recently released Public Transport Plan for Perth 2031 by the Department of Transport – focusing on the provision of public and mass transportation for Perth in 2031 (i.e. aligned with Directions 2031 and Beyond).  A document that I am reading for ‘homework’ but have also been interested in and focused on the potential applications and analysis for the development of Perth (i.e. GeoDesign).

Overall I think that this is a great document and a good start to one of the important components of the future planning of the state.  Further to that the document outlines where it fits within the plan for Perth (i.e. linking back to Directions 2031) as shown below:

I am somewhat curious as to the true future state of the public transport network – there is less commitment to ‘heavy rail’ in the future – but this is a plan and the infrastructure that is finally decided to be implemented (and the timeframe) can (and will) no doubt change.
Afterall look at the plans back in the 1950’s for a rail line up the coast from Subiaco…  The only thing that stays the same is change!

Finally to extend the discussion beyond just public transport we should look at the effects that increased bicycle use has on planning and outcomes.  I found this article about planning for bicycles of great interest…

Oh – and one last thing – I would recommend that any of you that may be reading this and interested in providing feedback on the Public Transport Plan for Perth 2031 should take the open survey on good old Survey Monkey:

After all it is not use if you have an opinion that you believe needs to be heard and you don’t do anything about it…  Either that or get on your bike 🙂

Happy Travels?


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One Response to Mobility, Transport, and Planning for Perth

  1. Bill Gardner says:

    A most interesting ‘topical’ topic. Fortunately I’ll be out of the picture when “reality” arrives (you won’t be a spring chicken either). The references cited are daunting in the number of subjects covered, but edifying to those with the desire, time and curiosity to follow up.

    Good work.


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