Global Planning Ideas Get Shared – I hope

Last week Perth had the fortune of UWA hosting the 2011 World Planning Schools Congress.  Some 500 planning scholars from all over the world (I believe that there were only 150 Australians in the mix!) spent 4 days presenting, networking, and discussing all aspects of planning issues.  It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from some of the work (and ideas / projects) that is happening throughout the world in relation to planning theory and practice…

I gave a presentation at the congress (one of the 8 odd parallel sessions!) about the use of GeoDesign in planning and collaboration – a modified version of the previous one I recently mentioned. Here it is below:

There were several things that I noticed at the congress that were of interest (well to me at least):

  • Being somewhat focused on the use of GIS / Spatial technologies it was interesting to see how many of the presentations / sessions were focused on this.  That said planning is a geographically oriented process… but it was great to see what people were doing (or could be doing) in this space.
  • The coordination and planning for the event was fantastic – well done Paul!
  • The congress was highly academic (then again what should I expect since it was a conference for planning schools) – there were some representatives from the Department of Planning and some private planning firms; however I was left wondering how much information and knowledge sharing has made it back into the policy and planning representatives within WA to help shape our state.  These types of opportunities don’t come around very often at all… I just hope we got everything last breath out of all that attended to help improve the planning for the state.

All said it was a great 4 days and it defintely gave me some inspiration and ideas for the future.  I’ll try and share some with you soon.


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One Response to Global Planning Ideas Get Shared – I hope

  1. Nice work Tom, David and I were just looking at this. Dave’o like’s it too.

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