Super Towns Named

I read this morning that the first round of Super Towns have been identified and named by Brendon Grylls for WA from an article in the West Australian.  They are:

  1. Katanning
  2. Collie
  3. Esperance
  4. Northam
  5. Jurien Bay
  6. Morawa
  7. Boddington
  8. Manjimup
  9. Margaret River

If you are interested in where they are you can have a look at this little map presentation that I just knocked up here or if you want a ‘flashier’ one try here.

This release of the 9 towns include $85 million of funding including “$5.5million would spent on developing strategies during the next 12 months” wouldn’t it be nice to see some use of some strategic planning and even GeoDesign approaches to this…

No doubt there will be more to come.

Cheers Tom

Update (11th July 2011):

There has been a bit of information about Super Towns in the news – here are a few articles about the announcement:

  1. ABC – South West Super Towns
  2.  Nationals official announcement


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One Response to Super Towns Named

  1. Bill Gardner says:

    I wonder why York was omited. Maybe more influence in Northam??Pop

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