The Complex World of Planning

I’ve been kept somewhat busy following up on the GeoDesign presentation I did last week – it has been interesting to get some feedback (sadly none via my blog though).  The one thing that comes to mind is the enormous complexity there is within the process of planning / developing a plan…  i.e. What should go where and when – and what will the implications be.

I thought I’d use this post to highlight a few aspects of the complexity and interconnection that there is in planning (and sometimes some contradictions).  To start of – last Monday I was able to attend an Open Public Lecture at UWA about Building Health Cities  – it was a great session with two differing perspectives on the requirements for the future development of cities to make sure a healthy environment is available for all to live in.  Some of this is tied into such things as walkability

One of the two presenters was WA’s own (well adopted) Richard Weller – always interesting to hear from – especially since he has put down on paper the possible futures that Perth faces in his Boomtown 2050 book.  You either build up, or out, or a combination of the two… that is the only way that we’ll be able to fit in another 1.5 million people in the city.  The interesting question is how do you design the city to grow to accommodate this increase in people, transportation needs, infrastructure requirements, etc. etc. etc.

It is interesting that at least some groups are looking into this – such as the recently released Stirling Plan – more can be found here – it is a potential layout of what the Stirling City Centre may look like in 2031 – i.e. taking into consideration the Directions 2031 and Beyond population figures…

A bit more on GeoDesign

Tied into my presentation on GeoDesign I noted an interesting post about the use of Gov 2.0 for citizen engagement – some interesting reading…

Enough of me – it’s the end of the financial year for many – enjoy.


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  1. I do enjoy GeoDesign. It adds a whole new world of possibilities for smart consultation.

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