Applying GeoDesign to Planning

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present at the WA Surveying and Spatial Information Conference (WASSIC 2011) this week.

I decided to present on the concept of GeoDesign (that I have talked about before) and how it could apply within WA especially from a collaborative planning perspective.  It was a good opportunity to present how the industry and the technology that I work with can be used in an alternative way to provide interactive planning options.

The motivation for this came from two different areas:

  1. My recent tour of the Pilbara and seeing the need to coordinate and collaborate in the planning for all aspects of the growth of region – especially in relation to infrastructure and land use planning.
  2. Discussions with colleagues in the industry about the use of GIS in participatory planning.

The challenge is to now identify a few possible WA examples where this might be applied… anyone say ‘Super Towns’?

If you would like to have a look at the presentation I gave you can find it here… and here is some press about it.

I’d like to hear any thoughts or feedback on this if you would like to give it…


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