Back into the thick of ‘IT’

I managed to have almost two weeks off from work for a well deserved break – but now I am back in the thick of it all.  It takes a bit of time to ‘wind up’ again – i.e. trawling though the hundreds of emails (and I mean hundreds!), reading the various RSS feeds, finding out what has happened and then move forward.

Well now I think I’m on a roll…

ITC and Political Leadership

I managed to run into an article on the Inquirer on my return and was interested to see that back in Old Blighty there is at least one political representative focused on the ICT sector – Tom Watson over in the UK.  I recommend reading the interview to understand where he is coming from and what he wants to do to create a Digital Policy for the UK…

Transparency In Government

Following on from the above some of you may not be aware of the Sunlight Foundation over in the USA – a non-profit, non-partisan organisation focused on making government is transparent and accountable… they have done some great work in crunching publicly available government data and making it more understandable to the general public…

Focused on creating a more accountable government though shining the light on information that previously was not visible… they have a good blog to.

Transparency in Action

I know that I have been on about this site before – however I have had some recent discussions with some people where the USA state of Maryland’s StateStat website has been a fantastic example of governments adopting and championing the publication of their data.

I’ve said it before that it would be good for WA to use for say Royalties for Regions, or possibly this week’s budget???

Outcomes of Transparency / Efficiency Measurement

As a follow on from above there was a good article in Government Technology about the use of StateStat to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of projects (and departments) in that state.

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting project for the proposed CIO / CTO in WA government to champion?  Or even better a minister…


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