Changes to TIAC Already – Not a Good Sign

I noted via the WA Business News an article in yesterday’s West Australian about the Chairman of the Technology and Industry Advisory Council (TIAC) quitting after only three months – this is symptomatic of the issues with the current government seeing the value in the science and innovation area.  I’ve talked about this before – initially through excitement with the reforming of TIAC – how quickly things change!


I borrow the image below from a great site – however it is somewhat appropriate in describing the potential issues that we have with limiting people’s imagination and creativity here in WA:

My last post hinted about the importance of science and through Charles Morgan’s departure you can see his frustration with the positioning of Science and Innovation within the current term of government.

We could talk about this being focused on cutting costs which may be done across the whole public sector to reduce costs for the state; however with no champion for Science / Innovation / ICT in the current government it will be the state’s loss.

I’m keen to see greater commitment for helping build the Knowledge Economy here in WA – however with the frustration on reducing Science and Innovation budgets I can’t see a positive future…

Any ideas of which politician we should be hitting up about this?


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One Response to Changes to TIAC Already – Not a Good Sign

  1. Bill Gardner says:


    I suggest that you contact our/your local member, Bill Marmion. Who knows, you might get a response. Environment is one of his portfolios–the advancement of science in that realm should be of interest to him.


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