Information – A key enabler to decision making

I’ve had a few thoughts bubbling away in the past month or so all related to information – and last week through a number of meetings and discussions they have come to the surface again…

Access to information is a key enabler to assisting decision making – getting the right information at the right time to make the right decision is vital in all organisations – the question is how do we highlight this further to one of the major sources of information – Government.

I’ve talked about Gov 2.0 several times before (some links in this post) and I’ll be talking about it some more in this post… so read on for more!

Resources Economy Needs the Knowledge Economy…

Here in WA we seem fixated with the Resources Industry – nothing wrong with that at all, however the true enabler for the mining and petroleum/gas companies in being able to do what they do is the access to and use of information to ensure that they make wise (and hopefully in their cases profitable) decisions.

It makes common sense – why else would IBM be setting up their Natural Resources Solution Centre for Mining, Petroleum and LNG (NRSC) here in Perth?  The big end of town recognises it, however the powers that be across the road from the NRSC don’t seem to see the importance of ICT in this space… but more importantly how do we leverage off the Resources Industry’s need for ICT and use it to develop other and related ICT areas.

Wouldn’t it be a plan to start thinking about WA as a potential Singapore within the ICT space – how can we compete in a global market by only digging up and shipping off our natural resources?  Shouldn’t we start looking at investing in Education, ICT industry development?  Other parts of Australia are…

Queensland Stepping Forward on ICT and the Digital Economy

Highlighting how important information and the digital economy is to some states (i.e. it has not been recognised or acted upon here in WA!) was a recent AIIA press release about a grant for Digital Economy Development in Qld.  This is a fantastic result for them and I congratulate AIIA on the hard work.


So what about here in WA… how do we start getting ICT to be recognised as an important part in the current (and Future) economy of the state?

Let’s all pick a parliamentarian and start ‘educating’ them about where Information and ICT can position this state for the long term…  Pity the results may be outside a term of government – that won’t affect things will it? (slight note of cynicism)…

That said it is a call for action to start positioning our economy for the future – lets start using more of that grey matter between our ears and transform that Information into Knowledge.

I’ll start the ball rolling and see where it goes.  If I make any progress you’ll be the first to know!


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