All roads lead to… the same place?

The more things you read and the more issues that you become aware of over time seems to end up linking in with other issues that you have explored.  I don’t think that I have explained this so well – but please humor me and read on…

Over recent times I have had the opportunity to meet some significant local and national leaders and in some instances have been able to get some highly interesting and insightful views into their thinking and their perspectives of the ‘issues of the day’.  Some of this has been through the exciting and challenging Leadership WA program I’m currently involved in, and some through other associations and events.

The one thing that has come out of the meetings / discussions / events etc. is that there are a vast number of issues that people talk about, however they all seem to be linked back to each other, or appear to be facets of a bigger issue…

Take a discussion I had at a meeting today – issues of:

  • The current proposed Carbon Tax
  • Migration Policies
  • The NBN
  • Sustainable Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • Coordinated Infrastructure Planning
  • Housing
  • State Planning Strategy
  • Economic Development and Diviersification

…were discussed and they all seem to link back to each other.  You can’t talk about one without considering other factors.  It’s a great indication of the complexity of trying to ‘solve’ or come up with new approaches to problems and issues that we face.  I guess if they were eary to solve they already would have been.


I guess what I have been trying to say tonight is that there are some very complex and inter-related issues that this state faces now and in the future.  Rather than shying away from them we need to start approaching them – maybe focus on the ‘eating an elephant’ analogy – one bite at a time…

…so lets start eating!


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2 Responses to All roads lead to… the same place?

  1. Val Macduff says:

    It seems to me that all of these problems with the execption of the NBN link back to just one – overpopulation of the earth. Where can we start taking a bite out of that one?

    • Tom Gardner says:

      Interesting thoughts Val – I don’t think that you can just stop global population growth though. Based on UN estimates the world population should plateau out at about 9 billion by the end of this century… assuming that Australia will take on some of this growth ABS expects this to make our population somewhere from 45 to 62 million. That’s a significant increase that we have to plan for… I think this is where we have not seen any long term planning within the political sphere.

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