Future Planning Issues Are Here to Stay…

The challenges of future planning for the Perth metro area are evident now in the northern suburbs…  Reading the article below from the WA Business News it highlights the complexity of government planning and the interface with developers – I think this will be something that becomes more common in the near future…What we face is the difficulty of developing a sustainable long-term planning framework that can deliver a livable and vibrant community in the future…  no mean feat when all developments are driven by developers with a focus on generating a profit (as would be expected from any commercial organisation).  The challenge is getting the balance right between the best design and a profitable development.

As the population of Perth grows over the coming decades we need to adopt alternative approaches to the current styles of development.  Reading the above article reminded of an opinion piece written by Billie Giles-Corti from the Centre for the Built Environment and Health (CBEH) at UWA on what Perth might be like in 2020…  it is somewhat aligned to the Department of Planning’s 2031 and Beyond plans – the hard thing is highlighted by the fact that the further out from the centre of Perth we develop the greater the challenges of transport if the primary focus for employment is the CBD (hence the desire for greater Transit Oriented Development – TOD).

With expected future costs of transportation increasing the people living on the ‘cheap land’ on the periphery of the metro area will start paying a greater percentage of their salary for transportation (petrol, public transport etc.)… not a favourable development for those buying and building on the current edge of Perth.

It will be interesting how we start designing and planning the future of Perth (and WA) by taking into consideration the complex layers of issues that our current and future growth has to take into account.

I don’t think there are any simple answers here (yet!).


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