Super Towns – Planning For the Future

As a follow up to my last post about the recent CEDA event on Population Dispersal and Sustainability I had a few additional thoughts and observations on Brendon Grylls’ ‘Super Towns’ idea (as noted in the West Australian)…

There are two sides to this – the first is hearing the drivers and observations on how potential plans and ideas can be proposed into the public sphere and then the second is how these ideas are reported in the media and what people think of them (and what they focus on)…

Being lucky enough to have a discussion with the minister during the lunch it was clear that he was keen to raise the issues related to the second level of towns in WA and that the future viability of them needed to be related to economic drivers (in many cases already in place) that could be used to help develop those towns into more than they are at the current time.

On that basis it is somewhat disheartening to see this type of reporting in the West:

(source: WAN)

…but do you always believe everything that you read in the paper anyway?

I think it is important to acknowledge the Minister putting up some ideas into the public sphere to at least start the discussion about the future – rather than the standard public’s complete lack of any forward thinking of vision for the future.

Once again it highlights the need for a Strategic State Plan that helps articulate to the people of WA where we are planning to head in the future.  This is something that is still lacking from discussion and is of great importance.

With the dropping numbers of people living in wheatbelt towns there is a need to look at what their futures may be like… and the interesting thing is to hear that at least one organisation here in WA is starting to model out what one of these Super Towns may look like – hopefully I can provide more about this soon.


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