Regional Population Growth and Challenges

Have you had one of those weeks where everything just happens at once?  Well I’m in the midst of it at the moment…

Part of the reason is that I’ve just come back from chairing the first CEDA event in Perth for the year – Population Dispersal and Sustainability – as part of the CEDA Series: Inventing the Future – Shaping WA 2010 – 2050.  Another fantastic event with a bumper crowd and great topical speakers:

  • Honourable Brendon Grylls MLA
  • Brian Haratsis – Director, MacroPlan
  • Tim Shanahan – Director, Energy and Minerals Institute – UWA

I was chairing the event due to my company sponsoring the event and the series – we launched a simple yet powerful web mapping application using our technology to provide some context to the issues that the state faces in the next 40 years…  A snapshot of the site is shown below:

The above data came from the March 2010 release by the ABS on Regional Population Changes

Obviously a bit of press is good – and having Brendon Grylls on the front page of The West Australian talking about his potential plans for ‘SuperTowns’ to be presented at the CEDA event did not hurt!

It was great to see some robust discussion about the future of the state – and therefore the nation…Some of the take away points from the event were:

  • Immigration – there is significant issues about lowering the immigration rate in Australia – and doing so will severely impact on Western Australia and any future development.
  • Diversification – the need to create a more diversified economy in all areas of the state to support more than just the resources industry.
  • Sustainability – of the economy of towns and regions for the long term.
  • Holistic Approach – to the securing of the economic future of towns – not just looking at one facet of an issue… we’re talking education, employment, infrastructure, health, housing, etc. needs to be addressed together.

I’ll put some more information up about this event very soon – including more on the mapping application that we released…

It will be good to be back into regular blogging after a bit of a quiet start to the year.  More soon…


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