TIAC again?

It was interesting news to hear back on the 8th of December that the Technology and Industry Advisory Council (TIAC) was reforming.  Almost 12 months to the day that it was disbanded…  Having a look at the current website they have not managed to update it… all they need is some technology?!


I do not mean to downplay this move to reform TIAC – I believe that it is a good thing for WA and one of the elements of influence into the use, development, and exploitation of the ICT industry here in WA.

Being a WA Business News subscriber – I’m readily digesting the information that comes in both electronic and analogue (i.e. the newspaper) formats, and there was a good article in last week’s addition about TIAC – especially Charles Morgan’s appointment as Chair of TIAC (see below).

Focus of TIAC #2

This comes at the time of the change of minister for the Science and Innovation portfolio – from Bill Marmion to John Day.  What I did find of most interest in the article and the point of this post is the Mr. Morgan pointed out where he saw TIAC focusing their efforts to help improve the position of WA – these being:

“…He named offshore liquid natural gas, mining, health and environment as the areas where investment is most likely to be successful…

What still underpins these industries and the advancements that they are making is the investment and use of ICT.  No doubt this will be a focus of industry representation to help shape and convince those involved in TIAC of the need for investment within the ICT industry – effectively it is the supporting framework or foundation that the growth of the state relies upon…

What about Government?

On thing that I have harped on about before is to improve the way that the state operates we need to look at the investment in and adoption of the world of Gov 2.0.  Getting TIAC behind this, the EAC report and the RTRT report would provide the kind of ground swell of support for a better connected and engaged government (without waiting the 10 year for the NBN to arrive).

Personally I need to get a better grip on where TIAC is going and what influence my industry has to offer to it…  we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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