A Fast Growing Perth?

It’s statistics time…

I noticed a small press release two days ago stating that Perth is the “…nation’s fastest growing city”:

A slightly misleading title – but such is life…

I wanted to find out more about the information that this was based on trolled through the Australia Bureau of Statistics website to find the report – it was the Australian households: future trends (pdf).  Interesting reading about the expected increase in the amount of households we (and the rest of the nation) will require by 2031…

2031 – that sounds familiar…

Over here in WA that brings me back to the Department of Planning’s Directions 2031 publication (I mentioned this back in September)…  This publication provides great guidance and direction for the planning and development for the Perth metro area over the next 20 odd years.  However we need to be thinking beyond that… using the same sources of data from the ABS one of the potential outcomes for Perth by 2056 is a population of over 4.1 milion people (we’re only 1.6 milion at the moment) that’s another 1.5 more Perth’s that we will need to build in less than 50 years.  Hence the need for longer term strategic planning…

If we are going to grow as fast as we expect we need to position and plan for that growth.  Additional support for this was CCIWA’s repeated request for an Infrastructure Strategy for the state… something that was initially developed under the previous government, but has not seen the light of day…

Maybe with the ‘revitalised’ Cabinet there may be some new action and direction in this place…  Lets see what Troy can do about it.


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