More on State Development

A week ago I attended a luncheon held by CCI WA for the WA Premier Colin Barnett – it coincided with the Liberal National government reaching the middle of their current term of government. There were two main areas that he focused on during his talk:

  • Increasing the Resources Capacity of the State in the next decade; and
  • Improving Perth – Perth City Link, Waterfront Development, and potentially Light Rail

There was some press coverage of the event (such as the WA Business News article above), however there was a gap in positioning this state for the future that it needs…

What I believe was missing was the important discussion about how the state needs to develop in a more complete sense – rather than just focusing on two areas (although they are important).

There is a need to develop greater capacity for the resources industry over the next decade – the royalties that will come from this expansion will help underpin further development of the state; however there was the need to ask about the broader development of the state.

I was prepared to ask a question to the Premier; however I did not get the chance then – so I thought that I’d pose it now and see if I could get some response to it – so here goes…

Increasing capacity for the Resources Sector is vital for the future of the state; however we need to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to diversify our economy including the expansion of our local ICT industry by leveraging off the developments in the Resources Sector.  This will enable us to compete with the growing Asian economies.  What coordinated approaches is the state government making in this area?”

It is not an easy question to answer in a lunch session – let alone 5 minutes of question time.  That said it is an important discussion to have – we need to be planning now for the future needs of the state in a cohesive and coordinated way.

I’d be keen for further thoughts from others on this issue.


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