There is no They, only you

I had the very great fortune to attend the graduation of the 2010 Fellows for Leadership Western Australia last night – 34 newly recognised leaders from here in WA that are committed to investing their time and resources in helping improve the state that we live in…

Attending this event was significant to see the outcome of the investment in time, effort, and inspiration that the new Fellows, the Leadership WA staff, and the 100 or more leaders of WA that have assisted in the development of the 2010 crop of Fellows.

It is more significant for myself due to the fact that I will be one of the 39 participant in the 2011 program – something that I am even more excited, inspired, and encouraged to be involved in.  Hopefully I may be able to share some of my journey over the coming 12 months, however due to the nature of the program and the importance of adhering to the Chatham House Rule much of what we will be discussing with the leaders of the state will be ‘off limits’ to any kind of disclosure.  That said I think that I will be able to add my observations to the issues that we get exposed to – and I believe that many are related to ones that I have been posting about in the past.

One quote that was closely identified by all participants in this year’s program was:

“There is no they, only you”

When this is taken into a leadership context – or everyday life it is hugely significant.  We are a state of over 2 million people, with huge mineral resources (and therefore revenue streams), with major issues that many do not get involved with or assume that others will do the ‘doing’… how many time to you hear (or even say) “…they should do this…” or “…they should do that…”.  At the end of the day there are no ‘they’ people – only each and everyone of us.

So from myself and hopefully for all of you that read this – now is the time to stop waiting for “them” to do sometime – it is time for each and everyone of us to act about what needs doing.



Speaking to a colleague this morning he pointed out that this should have been ‘Only We’ – however I wanted to point out that each one of us needs to take on the responsibility for making things happen.  He was right though and I appreciated the feedback – even if it was not a comment on the blog!.

Cheers – Tom

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