Promising Recommendations and more to come…

Back in March the Chamber of Commerce and Industry here in WA (CCIWA) released their pre budget submission to the state government with some strong recommendations for the incumbent government.  For example the following was in the Executive Summary:

“The Government has an important role in helping to shape and secure WA’s economic future.

As the State emerges from the global economic downturn and returns to strong growth, it is critical that the Government put in place measures to ensure that WA can take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities which lie ahead.

Any policy measures that the WA Government considers must be viewed in the context of a clear strategic direction, in order to maximise the economic opportunities that exist and ensure important social policy objectives are also met.”

This was further reinforced in to the Strategic Direction section as follows:

“CCI believes that the Government needs to develop a clear strategic direction, which would assist in achieving a balance between social and economic goals, and ensure that outcomes are being achieved.”

Well I have it on good knowledge that the latest version of this document for 2011-2012 spells this out in greater detail and importance.

It is fantastic to start seeing (even if you can’t yet) multiple organisations talking about the same issues and starting to help influence the influencers within WA.

All we need to see is some action coming out of these recommendations…

Once the document is finalised I’ll provide a much more in-depth synopsis…


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