A Trilogy in 4 Parts

You’ve got to like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I’ve always been a fan and really enjoyed the TV version that aired back in the 80’s.   If we take the desire of most of us to do some travelling this is a great alternative travel guide for all of those Y Gen’s heading out overseas… or maybe not.

I’ve been doing my own bit of travel lately and have come up with three (or is it four) topics of interest that I’ll attempt to share with you all (that is the one of two of you that might read this blog – hi mum!).

Anyway – here is number 1:

Firstly it’s a good news week for me – I’ve just been appointed to the WA Branch Executive of the Australia Information Industry Association – or AIIA for short.  I’ve just come back from the WA AIIA AGM with some fire in my belly and the opportunity to help press forward some of the issues that this state needs to addressed.

This will give me (and hopefully the state) the opportunity to push forward the need to address Gov 2.0, the EAC recommendations of a state CIO and CTO, as well as to push for the recognition of the need for the diversification of the WA Economy to include (and support) the importance of the ‘Knowledge Sector’… makes it sound a bit like the Education Sector (and we do need to grow that as well.

Hopefully my experiences, observations, and involvement with the AIIA will lead me to being able to present more of where we are being able to direct the future of the state of WA…

Secondly… talking about the world of Gov 2.0 I was made aware of the Victorian Gov 2.0 Action Plan

…yes a plan for by a state government on how to roll out Gov 2.0.  I recall a no-so-successful marketing campaign for travellers to come to Australia that I’d like to use to help get my message across…

Do you think that this might help push the agenda forward?

Possibly not – however the big question is where are we heading in this space?  I think we need to help champion the changes that are required… maybe with my role in AIIA I may be able to help?

Coming in Third is livability of Perth and WA…

I had the task of travelling over the the Gold Coast and Brisbane twice in the past week… 20 hours on the plane is not the best – but getting out of the state and seeing what else is going on around the country is great and very important – it opens up your eyes somewhat.

The one thing that I recognised is that Brisbane is a much more active and vibrant a city than Perth – by far.  Yes it is a larger city with a larger population, however out dining late (i.e. 10:00 PM and later) on a Monday night the city is still alive and kicking with people… this is something that our capital city lacks and needs to change.  Now I know that you don’t just flick a switch, however if we are wanting to make this a place that attracts people to come here to live and become part of our growing economy we need to offer them more than just good weather and a nice lifestyle… especially if we are still a very expensive place to live in Australia.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of these very long awaited projects in Perth actually take off – like the Perth City Link and the Perth Waterfront.

Change takes time and takes us out of our comfort zone… so now it is time for a change.


PS – sorry only 3 real items in this post!

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