Planning for our Future

I set up this blog as a mechanism to put down some of my thoughts, opinions, and observations about planning for the future of Western Australia.  So far I’ve covered a variety of issues, however it all comes down to the need to put together a plan for the state (hey maybe while we are at it – a plan for the nation).

A while ago I was luck enough to attend Brian Haratsis’ Big Australia book launch and have had the chance to delve into it in detail – and there is a lot of research, information, and substance to absorb.  Brian’s major tenet is that Australia needs a plan for building the nation that will be able to support the future population…

Additional meetings that I have had in the past month have added weight to the need for the development of  a overall plan for the state and now is time to start the planning.  We need to start putting together the vision of the future…

We have to develop not only the vision of where we want the state to be (and what it may look like), but also set about developing a much more detailed plan as to how we get there.

Today at a meeting I had it was readily boiled down to me and the plan for this state needs to focus on three major areas:

  • People;
  • Energy; and
  • Water.

All of the other issues that need to be detailed are associated with each of these items – including: Infrastructure (soft and hard), Environment, Economy etc…  Now the work has to really begin to formulate the plan and ensure that it is something that will stand the test of time (and potentially changes of government).

Luckily I’ve made some good connections through CEDA and Brian to enable some contribution to the development of a plan for the future.

Stay tune for where we head to from here (as well as focus on the ICT part of the puzzle!).


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