NSW – Are they heading for Gov 2.0?

With all of my talk in the past of WA being behind the times on Gov 2.0 initiatives, recent press about the NSW Opposition proposing a One-Stop-Shop for the public is interesting and challenging for us here in WA.  We are now seeing the provision of better services to the public as part of an election platform… something that I can’t see on the horizon here in WA at the current time…

There have been some steps locally and nationally in the Gov 2.0 space – as highlighted by the Australian Gov 2.0 Showcase (above) – however we need more than a few projects to provide the real value that Gov 2.0 has to offer…

As with any election platform – the real value is in how the potential project is architected, designed, and delivered – so that we don’t face a piecemeal approach to delivery that may fail to live up to the expectations of the public.  Unfortunately the ICT space has some fantastic cases of ‘under delivery’ – to be polite – and many other with substantial cost blow-outs and this will be one of the most concerning issues facing us in attempting to promote and progress the adoption of Gov 2.0 here in WA.

To strengthen the process of getting Gov 2.0 off the ground we still need the EAC recommendations to advance (as mentioned before) so that there is a suitable level or representation with senior positions within the Public Sector…  That should translate to suitable representation within (ideally) cabinet – or at least a minister within the state government.

Just as we have with many other of the issues that this state faces, we need to get visibility of the important part that Gov 2.0 can have in creating a more engaged and involved community to help shape the future for us all…

Next step influencing the decision makers of the importance of Gov 2.0…  no small task – but the first steps are in place to do so.

Lest just make sure we get some of the way there before NSW steals our thunder 🙂



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One Response to NSW – Are they heading for Gov 2.0?

  1. Alicia S says:

    Interesting post Tom. The One-Stop-Shop is a great idea – and one which will hopefully come to fruition in the new year. There’s a benchmark study currently being held about how governments are using Geographic Information System (GIS technology) to made headway with Gov 2.0. It’s a nation-wide study… but the intel gleaned from it will moreso apply to local government rather than state. Worth checking out for anyone interested in Gov 2.0. http://esriaustralia.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/be-part-of-the-benchmark-study/

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