Karratha – Regional Hotspot

A few weeks ago I went up to Karratha for a day.  I was impressed on the amount of activity and the size of the projects going on up there.  At the same time I was given the then freshly pressed Karratha Regional Hotspots Land Supply Update.

Being a geographer I’m always a sucker for maps (maybe I just like looking at the pretty parts of books!)… and I was not disappointed reviewing the document.  More importantly though there is considerable depth of analysis on the background and future demands to all aspects of the city and I take my hat off to the WAPC.  If you are interested in the north-west I would recommend you download it here and read it – and even better provide some feedback if possible…

I have said in the past that to support the importance of planning and investing in WA we need to have federal support – and I mentioned that there was a journo from The Australian – Michael Stuchbury was touring up in the Pilbara a few weeks back.  Well Michael has published a few recent articles that help support the issues that the north-west face they include the following:

  • Raw Edge of the Boom“The strains of the two-speed economy are showing clearly at the spearhead of the nation’s growth in exports”
  • Growing Pains in the west“GILLARD Labor must work with Barnett to ease the infrastructure squeeze in WA”

Cape Preston (above)

So at least there is a few short words about the importance of WA to the nation as a whole, however I would have to say we need some more voices to make any real change.  Anyone know anyone influential in Canberra? 🙂


GILLARD Labor must work with Barnett to ease the infrastructure squeeze in WA.
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