Government 2.0 Conference – Where is WA?

Today is the start of this year’s Gov 2.0 conference in Canberra.  It’s great to see that this sort of event and forum is available for people to share information on how they are adopting / benefiting / using Gov 2.0 in Australia, however looking through the list of speakers I noted the absence of any Western Australia representation… then again how far down the path of Gov 2.0 have we got here in WA?

All I can hope for at this stage is that there is a decent contingent of folk from WA government that are heading there (for the right reasons) to learn and take back the right information to set in place a plan for Gov 2.0 here in WA.  If not we’re going to be a long way off seeing the benefits of Gov 2.0 here and we’ll be behind the rest of the country…  The last thing we need to be is the economic powerhouse without the tools, systems, and capabilities to deliver services to the public effectively and efficiently including greater public participation in the decision making process.

I’ve talked before about the need for Gov 2.0 here in WA in different contexts:

but there is still limited activity that can be seen to date.  Hopefully this conference may be the shot in the arm that WA needs to start progressing the Gov 2.0 agenda – however it needs support and leadership from the top.  Over to you Premier Barnett…


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