Q and A Perth – A View of WA

Finally ABC’s Q and A program made it to Perth last night.  If you don’t watch it weekly then I think you are missing some significant discussions about the issues that the country as a whole are facing.  Interestingly the program only included WA panelists – which was great to see – however it would have been interesting to get some Eastern States points of view… I’m just hoping that viewers over east did watch this episode to get a perspective of some of the issues of the day that WA faces…

No matters of state were settled during the program – but at least a variety of topics were discussed including:

  • WA’s limited GST rebate (that even Ripper believes is inequitable)
  • Issues of inequality in relation to Indigenous Australians
  • James Price Point acquisition and
  • Asylum Seekers

All we have to do now is to have some more national level debates about the issues that WA faces – one of the few things that I believe the panelists agreed upon was the need to get more federal politicians over to WA to get a real picture of what is going on over here… because at the end of the day we will need federal support (i.e. $$$) for the investment needed for this state’s future.

So how do we do it????


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