The Australia 2050 Project – Book Launch

I had the fortune of being invited to the Perth launch of Brian Haratsis‘ book ‘Australia 2050 – Big Australia?‘ on Friday.  This has been a project that he has been researching and working on for a good while and is something that needs to get much greater coverage…  With both political parties shying away from the issue at the recent federal election and heralding reduced immigration levels (most probably to try to woo some marginal voters somewhere – i.e. Western Sydney) the true requirements for the future stability of Australia were pushed off of the agenda.

So what is Brian’s Big Australia?  Well to try and sum it up it is the challenge for us understand what Australia will be like in 40 years – if we do not start planning for it now we will be in a very difficult situation.  With an aging population, health care costs will be the twice the cost per tax payer…  Therefore significant change needs to be made to our economy and our population to support that large aging pile of baby boomers and their offspring.

To support the work that has been put into this book (the first of several) a website has also been created  Brian’s intention is for the book that has considerable research behind it to be the starting point of a discussion – the second book will be based on feedback from you – the general public – to help shape the discussion of a Big Australia…  I cannot encourage you enough to look into this further – there are some significant challenges to the way that we currently position Australia and where future population should go (anyone say Pilbara Cities?).

Now with any book launch you have to pick up the book so here is mine… and now for some light reading…

I’d like to hear for anyone else that has had the chance to look into this further.  No doubt I will be posting more on this in the very near future (i.e. once I have finished the book).

The next book after this will have to be Boomtown 2050 by Richard Weller…


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