Connected Urban Development

Although somewhat more limited to talking about urban development, rather than state development, I noted on an Engaging Cities a post on Connected Urban Development (CUD). There is a pretty catchy (and large) video that gives an overview of where the thinking is at with CUD – i.e. ICT is a enabler for increasing efficiencies and therefore reducing waste in the ever growing cities of the world… not a ground-breaking discovery – but it does need to be said…

You do need to look into this with your eyes wide open – with Cisco as the major sponsor of this initiative there is a strong focus on ITC networks and smart cities – and this is not wrong – I believe this will become more and more prevalent in the future.

The initial steps are being made in some areas – even here in Perth with Western Power’s Smart Grid trial, however much more needs to be done if we are to see our major city take advantage of the potential benefits that CUD talks about providing.  We are still needing to see some form of coordinated approach to infrastructure planning which sees ITC / the digital economy as part of it.
Anyone aware of any other WA initiatives?


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