Access to Timely Government Data

Forecast = Possible Storms Ahead

Following on from earlier posts (Challenge & Gov 2.0) about the importance of providing access to government data to enhance transparency and access to the information that our tax dollars have helped create / acquire / analyse – news like this crops up.

What seems interesting is that we’re currently using weather data to calculate energy efficiency ratings for building that was released before I was born.  Some could say that there has not been much change to the weather conditions here in Australia since 1970, however I think that they may be somewhat sheltered from reality – have a look at the changes in runoff to our dams here in Perth for example – I think that I can see a pattern:

…or possibly mean temperature averages:

Lets not focus on the possible climate change focus that these graphs appear to indicate, however it is the issue that we have more up-to-date data being collected by the government that is not being made available for access to be used.  Knowledge is power – and the quality and recency of the data that is used to make decisions is vital not only for ‘accurate’ decisions, but also in building confidence in the validity of those decisions.

If there is more recent quality controlled data – make it available – full stop.

Need I say more?!


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