SA Strategic Plan – What is ours?

Through my friends at the AIIA I was pointed in the direction of South Australia’s SA Strategic Plan – effectively the strategic plan for the state that is using community feedback and direction to help shape the ‘state’ of their state for the future.  This type of community engagement and transparency to process is what has been lacking sometimes in the past with government based projects. Here is what the AIIA had to say:

South Australia’s Strategic Plan: Industry consultation

South Australian members and ICT companies are invited to participate in an Industry consultation process on the Update of South Australia’s Strategic Plan. How will South Australia maximise the opportunities that the digital economy offers? What role will your organisation and industry play in shaping our collective future? Visit to find out how you can get involved.”

Obviously since the AIIA is the premier body representing the ICT industry the comments have a focus to them, however the question still remains where is the same type of plan for our state?  It is also interesting to note that this is not the first incarnation of the SA Strategic Plan either – this has been happing since March 2004 (i.e. the month after Facebook was founded and five months before the Athens Olympics – both which seem as if they were an eternity ago… i.e. over here in WA BHPB was deciding to investing in Nickel!) .

The six major objectives are highly aligned to many that we would like to see achieved here for WA:

  1. Growing Prosperity
  2. Improving Wellbeing
  3. Attaining Sustainability
  4. Fostering Creativity and Innovation
  5. Building Communities
  6. Expanding Opportunity

The closest I can find here in WA at the moment is the Economic Audity Committee Report which I have talked about previously and it does not appear to be as broad reaching as that of the SA Strategic Plan.

So my challenge to the government of WA – how can we start our own WA Strategic Plan?  Do we expand on the EAC and RTRT reports – or something completely new?

Geez it would be good to get at least one comment from one of you out there!!!


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