A Challenge for WA government

I’ve said before that I am a fan of Engaging Cities and a recent post is something that ties into the Gov 2.0 space as well as increasing innovation and participation in decision making.  This post on Challenge.Gov highlights some important steps being made elsewhere in opening up government to get greater engagement and involvement from the public (and in a more efficient way!).

This obviously open up the question of where is Challenge.gov.au and Challenge.wa.gov.au?  Any ideas of how we could make this happen?  Well for one I believe that the Gov 2.0 framework needs to be in place and there needs to be greater opening up of access to government information.  There have been some good initial starts to this will some competitions that have been run here in Australia such as:

  • App My State – Victorian government competition to create applications using government data for access by Victorians…
  • Mashup Australia – A national competition that was held to create applications / mashups of government information fo access by the public…
  • apps4nsw – well the title speaks for itself!

In addition to these steps you can see other states starting to open up their data stores such as in NSW, Victoria and even federally but not here in WA:

So our challenge is to take the small baby steps of making more government data  accessible and consumable for the public (and industry) to help improve the process and outcomes of government here in WA…  Some work has been done in the access to geographic information through SLIP, however the majority of government information is not readily accessible, up to date, or able to be used for analysis etc.

So are we up for the Challenge?


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