The True Value of Water

Following on from a very engaging CEDA event “The True Value of Water” that I attended back in August, and some comments that I have noted about the public disquiet about the increasing costs of utilities, this news article from the  the 30th September is very interesting – since it would indicate that costs will continue to rise in the future…

Based on a recent publication in Nature magazine raises the potential for us here in WA to become greatly reliant on desalination for the provision of water for our state in the future.  Currently I believe we derive about 15%-20% of our supply in Perth through desalination – which is more expensive than other measures – but it can be said to be much more reliable (especially than rainfall!).  Diversity in supply is a key characteristic of water supply here in Perth – but with increasing demands, and decreasing natural supply we will become more and more reliant on desalination – afterall we do live on the edge of a desert.

The true value of water is considerably greater than that of the cost of ‘extraction’ – without it we cannot survive as individuals or a city or state…  So in some ways we need to come to accept this reality – however we also need to plan and develop other strategies to cope with these changes.


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