Perth – Open Anytime?

About time… just not Anytime yet though.  It is good news to hear that as of the 1st of November retailers throughout Perth can stay open until 9:00 PM on weekdays.  Additionally Midland and Armadale will be open for Sunday trading

This is another small piece in building a potentially more vibrant city for the future. That said after being about to head out in town in Sydney at 11:00 PM on a Monday public holiday and still have ample choices of places to eat we still have far to go!

Next stop Daylight Savings so we’re not even further behind the east – and not losing money because of it!


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One Response to Perth – Open Anytime?

  1. Soon it will come to pass that those that whinged about Perth changing its culture to a open city from a closed city, will go shopping… after 6pm..

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