Where does the money go?

Government 2.0 – here within WA it is still very much a concept.  Currently the government is very willing to produce and openly distribute information about its finances, such as the budget – but they are just digital documents that are not easily digested for analysis (unless you are an accountant!).  Here is our current budget paper:

More documents can be found here.  The same could be said for the State Finances document:

Neither of these documents (and many others) are not in a format that can be easily manipulated / used for further analysis and reporting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it was in Excel or something else?

Why would this be a good idea?  How about providing greater transparency and access to information?  In the current political climate here in WA there has been considerable mud thrown about lately about where the money has gone – especially in the case of Royalty for Regions.  Where this could head is into a very different space – an example of an alternative approach to this is the state of Maryland in the USA – they have developed an on-line publicly accessible reporting system on their state’s performance called State Stat.

A great example is their representation of their annual Capital Budget.  An interactive geographically presented reporting interface to show where the money is being spent and in what areas.  Imaging if we had this in place for government here in WA – or even just for RFR.  It provides a level of transparency that we here in the west do not get access to.

I’m looking forward to seeing WAStat in the near future – how about you?


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