CEDA – Inventing the Future Shaping WA 2010 – 2050

Much of the impetus for this blog has come from my involvement with the Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) here in WA – and the meetings, discussions, and events that I have had been part of.  After attending a number of high quality events that this organisation runs, it became apparent that the speakers and attendees to their events were the individuals within the state that could make (or influence) change occur.

I have several people within and related to CEDA to thank for their influence:

  • Robin McClellan – State Director WA for CEDA – After deciding to join CEDA my first meeting with Robin showed me what a thinker and ideas person she is.  Needless to say she managed to convince me that sponsoring the Inventing the Future series was a good idea for my organisation – and she was right!
  • Reg Appleyard – Emeritus Professor at UWA – Reg’s involvement with CEDA here in WA has lasted a considerable length of time.  He has had a number of now senior public and private figures under his tuition over the years and has been of great value in being a font of knowledge of the state in economic terms as well as an open ear to discuss the issues of the day.  It was Reg how asked me if I could put down on a paper some of my thought about state development and the related issues – Reg – this blog will have to do at this stage!

All in all I can highly recommend all CEDA events and membership – it is well worth being involved.

Inventing the Future Shaping WA 2010 – 2050

Now back to the title of this post – as I mentioned Robin convinced my company (i.e. Esri Australia) to sponsor this series and we were greatly excited to have the opportunity.  Robin and her team have managed to put together a fantastic website (www.inventingthefuture.ceda.com.au) which we will be providing some great contextual content in the near future.

The primary focus of the series is to make the most of the current economic and political climate here in WA to open the discussion and help develop the plan for the future of the state of Western Australia for the next four decades.  A great overview to the focus of the series can be found here.

Most importantly there are whole series of events as part of the series that cover off on many aspects of the issues that we will be facing as a state over the coming decades (if not already).  The topics for the events include:

So what does all of this mean?

CEDA here in WA is working with key political and business leaders as well as experts in each of the event areas to lead the discussion to a broader audience within WA that has the ability to start influencing and pushing for change.  This is something that needs greater involvement by you the public, so go to te website, attend the events, and talk to the senior staff in your organisations about this… we need to create the desire and the need for change to be made.

Good luck!


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